• Prof. Robert Carey
  • Prof. James Miller
  • Prof. B. L. Roberts
  • Prof. Larry Sulak
  • Prof. Emeritus Frank Krienen


  • Vanya Logashenko, Ph.D.

    Graduate Students

  • Xiaobo Huang
  • Jon Paley
  • Qinzeng Peng
  • Alex Trofimov

    B.U. Staff

  • William Earle
  • Eric Hazen
  • Mike Hance

    For more information on the Muon g-2 experiment please visit:
    The Brookhaven National Labs Muon g-2 Home Page.

    For more information on the Mulan (Muon Lifetime Analysis) Experiment, visit:
    The BU Mulan Home Page.

    For more information on our studies in lepton moments, visit:
    The BU Lepton Moment Home Page.

    The Muon g-2 experiment has been brought to you by the collaborative efforts of the following Institutions

    Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics
    Cornell University
    Fairfield University
    University of Heidelberg
    Physics Department, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Max Planck Institue
    University of Minnesota

    Science University of Tokyo
    Yale University

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