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Welcome to the 3rd International Symposium on LEPTON MOMENTS

to be held at the Craigville Conference Center

Centerville, Cape Cod, MA

19 - 22 June 2006

This Symposium is a sequel to the symposium held at the University of Heidelberg 8-12 June 1999 and the symposium held in Yarmouth Port, Cape Cod 9-12 June 2003. Topics to be discussed are the electron and muon magnetic moments, and the searches for permanent electric dipole moments of the electron, muon, neutron, deuteron, atoms, and radioactive nuclei. The meeting will begin after breakfast on Monday morning, June 19th, and end by early afternoon Thursday, June 22th. Click on "Travel" for directions to the conference site.

The meeting will be held in at the Craigville Conference Center, Centerville Massachusetts, which is a short walk from a private beach on the Atlantic Ocean. The purpose of the meeting is to bring together investigators in atomic, nuclear, and particle physics who are interested in pursuing physics beyond the standard model, through precision measurements of anomalous magnetic moments, or through searches for permanent electric dipole moments of elementary systems.

Since space at the conference site is limited, participation is by invitation only. Every attempt will be made to accommodate all requests, but please apply as early as possible. For an invitation please contact the Conference Chair, B. Lee Roberts, at

The conference fee is $100 for students, and $150 US for non-students. See "Lodging/Costs" for a list of all costs. It can be paid with a credit card on-line as part of your registration. Meals or housing for companions are not included in the fee.

Housing will be at the conference center. Much of the accommodation is in shared rooms, but a number of single rooms will be available on a first-come first-served basis.

Weather: The average temperature on the Cape in June is high 71F / low 56F, so be prepared for cool evenings and pleasant days. Rain is always a possibility. Bring something warm to wear if you are interested in going on a whale watch.

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