Welcome to the Muon Lifetime Experiment

The new measurement of the muon lifetime at PSI is a collaborative effort of the following people:

Boston University,EDF

Robert Carey, Bill Earle, Mike Hance, Matthew Hare1, Eric Hazen, Kevin Lynch, James Miller, Lee Roberts, Jake Wasserman

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Dan Chitwood, Steven Clayton, Paul Debevec, Fred Gray, Dave Hertzog, Peter Kammel, Brendan Kiburg, Gerco Onderwater, Chris Polly, Rahul Roy, Andrea Sharp

Paul Scherrer Institut

University of Kentucky

Tim Gorringe, Yingcui Jia, Sugata Tripathi, Piotr Zolnierczuk

University of Minnesota

Priscilla Cushman, Ivan Kronkvist

James Madison University

K. Giovanetti

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

T. Case, Ken Crowe, Bernhard Lauss

A First Try

In the summer months of June and July of 2000 we had the pleasure of being the guests of PSI. There we had our first test beam run in which we got to test out our prototype µLan Detector, developed at UIUC, and got to know our beam line. Not to mention seeing many of the beautiful sights that Switzerland has to offer.
Come see our first test beam at PSI

Second Time Around

During the summer of 2001 and we worked on our second test beam at PSI.
Come see out second test beam at PSI

Three Times A Charm?

During July of 2002 we'll be at PSI once again, hoping to make a measurement on par with the current world average. We'll be posting pictures, diagrams, and results as the summer goes on. For now, take a look at Kevin's email on the simulation software to whet your appetite.

What we are up to

Here at Boston University we are doing our part by developing the electronics for our data aquisition system. We are currently working on a Wave Form Digitizer (WFD or woofda as DH likes to call it) that will sample the signal from the detector at a rate of 500Mhz and a resolution of 8 bits. To learn more please take a look at our electronics page.