Here is a table of the FADCs we could use in the design. The availability on all devices is the same.
That means that they are available and have an 8 week lead time.

Part number Max sample rate Input Range # of Outputs Type of Outputs Demux Additional needed parts Total Price Web Site
Max101 500Msps +-250mV 16 ecl x2
Max106 600Msps +-250mV 16 diff-PECL x2 $322
SPT7750 500Msps +0.5V to Vee 16 nondiff-ECL x2 Ecl to Pecl converter $200+$80 = $280
HI1276 500Msps -2.7 to +0.5V 8 diff ECL none Some sort of demux $271 + ?
TS8387cf 500Msps +-1V 8 diff ECL none TSX81102GOTP 1:4 demux $295 + 267 = $562
The New Wfd Spec Sheet(10/16/2000)
Results of the Feb 26th meeting

Here are the latest plots that describe the data format of the new WFD.(From the spring colaboration meeting)
This descpibes the smallest data block.
Here is what the data from a typical pulse would look like.

Here are data sheets for some of the daughtercard/motherboard parts:

Data Sheet: 100301
Data Sheet: 100304
Data Sheet: BAS16
Data Sheet: Bourns pot
Data Sheet: HFA1112
Data Sheet: LM6142-6144
Data Sheet: MAX 9691/9693
Data Sheet: MC 10198-D
Data Sheet: OPA 623
Data Sheet: OPA 642
Data Sheet: OPA 658
Data Sheet: OPA 660
Data Sheet: ZC28123E