Welcome to the 2nd Workshop

of the

Physics Working Group

for the

International Scoping Study

for a Neutrino Factory

to be held on the Charles River Campus of Boston University

Department of Physics

Boston, MA

6 - 10 March 2006

This Workshop is a sequel to the one held at Imperial College in November 2005.

The meeting will be held in the Physics Research Building, 3 Cummington Street. Plenary meetings will be in PRB 595, with working group sessions in PRB 261- 365 and 595. Wireless internet access will be available to participants.

Any questions on the workshop should be addressed to Lee Roberts at roberts@bu.edu.

There will be a small conference fee to cover coffee, etc.

Housing arrangements must be made by the individual participant. Information can be found on the housing page

Weather: The average temperature in March is 38.6 F (~4 C) and the weather in March can range from snow or very windy, to beautiful clear days.



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