Confirmed Speakers :

William Marciano (BNL)
Overview of (g-2) and EDMs

Magnetic Dipole Moments

Eduardo de Rafael (Marseille)
Theory of Muon (g-2)
Toichiro Kinoshita (Cornell)
Update of the QED Contribution to (g-2) of the Electron and Muon
Eric Hessels (York University)
Precision Measurement of the Fine-structure Constant
Gerald Gabrielse (Harvard)
Measuring the Electron Magnetic Moment with a Quantum Cyclotron
Klaus Jungmann (KVI Groningen)
The Brookhaven-based Muon (g-2) Experiment
Tom Blum (Brookhaven)
Lattice Calculation of the Lowest-order Hadronic Contribution to the Muon (g-2) Value
Michel Davier (U. Paris - Sud Orsay)
The Hadronic Contribution to Muon (g-2)
Juliet Lee-Franzini (Frascati)
Measuring R Using Radiative Return
Ivan Logashenko (Boston and Novosibirsk)
Measurements of the Hadronic Cross-Sections at Novosibirsk
Andrzej Czarnecki (Alberta)
Higher Loop Effects in (g-2) and EDMs

Theory of (g-2) and EDMs Beyond the Standard Model

Frank Wilczek (MIT)
The Three Standard Models: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Maxim Pospelov (Victoria)
Theory of EDMS Beyond the Standard Model
K. S. Babu (Oklahoma State)
EDM Theory Beyond the Standard Model
Iosif Khriplovich (Budker Institute)
Electric Dipole Moments in Baryonic Systems

Searches for Electric Dipole Moments in Atoms

Norval Fortson (U. Washington)
The Mercury EDM Experiment : New Results and Future Prospects
Ben Sauer (Imperial College)
Search for EDMs in Heavy Polar Molecules
David DeMille (Yale)
Search for the Electron EDM using Metastable PbO Molecules
David Weiss (Penn. State)
Measuring the Electron EDM Using Cs and Rb in Optical Lattices

Searches for an EDM in Baryonic Systems

Steve Lamoreaux (LANL)
The Solid State Electron EDM Work, and a Brief Summary of the Neutron EDM Experiment
Maurits van der Grinten (ILL)
The Sussex-ILL Neutron EDM Experiment
Lorenz Willmann (KVI Groningen and MIT)
An Experiment To Search for EDMs in Radioactive Atoms

Future Precision Muon Measurements and a Search for a Deuteron EDM

James Miller (Boston)
The Proposal for a Dedicated Experiment To Measure the Deuteron and Muon EDMs
Paul Debevec (Illinois)
The Letter of Intent To Measure Muon (g-2) 5 to 10 Times Better
Yoshitaka Kuno (Osaka)
Muon Experiments at J-PARC
John Ellis (CERN)
Conference Summary and Outlook