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About Myself

I am a graduate student in physics department of Boston University. Now I am working for g-2 group as a Research Assitant. Our goal is to measure the anomalous magnetic moment of muon to a very high precision. Thus we can justify the Standard Model (SM) of particle physics and probe new physics beyond the SM. The experiment was done at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) located at the Long Island, NY. Visit our BNL G-2 homepage to know more about us.

My Interests

Physics: Particle Physics, Astrophysics
Computer: (Under construction)
Sports: soccer, pool, tennis, bicycling, jog, Pinpong, many more ...
Ent.: music, travel, PC games, Chinese chess, foreign languages, movies
Others: Make friends, drink beer...

So these staff make me very TIRED..


Speek Chinese (Manderine), English. Can read German but speek poor German.
Learning Spanish now.

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